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As part of the ICL Group, we strive to bring you the most technically advanced specialty fertilizers and nutrition programmes, turf seed, plant protection products and growing media to help you meet the demands of modern day turf and amenity management.

We take great pride in the integrity and value of our dynamic world-class product portfolios and in the provision of dedicated technical support, available to you from the team at ICL UK and Ireland. Through our product technologies, our ongoing support of end-user education, and through iTurf, our integrated turf management programme, we continue to advocate best practice in turf management and sound environmental stewardship.


We continually invest in new products and have the some of the most advanced Research and Development facilities inthe world. Yet we are also committed to sustainability, to help maintain our environment in an efficient and responsible way. From raw materials through to finished product, we are dedicated to producing the finest range of fertilizer, plant protection, and grass seed technologies, all backed up by first-class customer service. Turf managers at some of the world’s finest sporting venues, trust our technologies to help them produce high-quality turf for sports and amenity use.


Nothing beats a garden in bloom; fresh cut green grass and a wonderful skyline of flowers, shrubs and trees. With that vision ICL were inspired to give you the tools for the job.  The Landscaper Pro for lawns and landscapes provides fertilizers, spreaders, grass seed, surface cleaners and growing media. This new and improved range will help achieve that vision all year round.



ICL Specialty Fertilizers

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