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Osmocote PrePlant

Pack size: 10x1kg



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Fully coated product ensures plants receive the feed they need, when they need it and with minimal leaching.
Full trace element package with elevated levels.
100% coated NPK, Mg and trace elements, plants are supplied with all required nutrients to ensure strong establishment.
High NPK content.
For use on a wide range of trees, shrubs and plants..
Labour saving - eliminates need for topdressing during the season.

Suggested application period:
March - August


Recommendations for customers

Safe use of Professional Products

Osmocote PrePlant is a handy 1kg pack of pure power Osmocote fertilizer that provides full season nutrition for trees shrubs and plants from a tried and tested, top brand fertilizer.

Osmocote PrePlant has a consistent release pattern due to the unique ICL resin coating technology, providing nutrition when the
plants need it. The release is determined by the soil temperature; higher temperatures give a faster release and decrease the longevity period; lower temperatures slow down the release and so increase the longevity period. Osmocote PrePlant contains the ideal NPK and trace element package. This is suitable for the establishment and healthy growth of all plants, trees and shrubs.

We have anticipated some questions that you may have and provided the answers to help you maximise the effectiveness of Osmocote PrePlant.

Where should I use Osmocote PrePlant?
Osmocote PrePlant can be applied to a whole range of trees, plants and shrubs including Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Buxus without fear of scorching.

When should I use Osmocote PrePlant?
Osmocote PrePlant can be used anytime during the growing season but for maximum benefit apply during spring plant, as growth commences.

How should I use Osmocote PrePlant?
Seed Bed and Lining Out
Apply Osmocote PrePlant at recommended rates and work into the top soil before sowing or planting.

Shrub/Tree Planting
Apply at planting time or as growth commences in the spring. For pit planting mix Osmocote PrePlant with soil and/or peat in the planting hole. For semi-mature shrubs or trees apply Osmocote PrePlant as a top dressing to the root ball area plus one metre out.

Mature Trees/Shrubs
The top dressing should cover the whole rooting area plus at least one metre beyond the spread of branches or run off point .

Tree regeneration
Osmocote PrePlant should be placed into bore holes made at 40-50 cm centres in a 2 – 3 metre band around the tree at the watershed point. This is the most active rooting area. Regeneration with Osmocote PrePlant can be useful where trees have been grassed down.

*Safe use of Professional Products: It is the responsibility of the purchaser/end user to ensure that any pesticide product for professional use is used in line with the Approved Code of Practice. All operators must be trained and certified in its use.

Always read the label and product information before use. Use pesticides safely.

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